THE MEDIC DROID at the Pike Room

doors at 6PM
tickets: $9 in advance (buy tickets)


THE MEDIC DROID is for those who are bored with genres and titles. Full of sassiness and attitude, this trio designs songs tailor made to dress an audience that is under-served by todays run of the mill "bands". Fusing dance music with indie rock power and punk rock DIY ethics, The Medic Droid have created their own scene. Formed in Phoenix, AZ, in 2006, The Medic Droid consist of three musicians who swap duties, taking turns programming beats, playing guitar, and playing synthesizer. Led by vocalist Chris Donathon, the group fuses techno and emo to make commercially viable club music that could easily be passed off as Fall Out Boy with a vocoder and a copy of Reason. Using MySpace's marketing power, the trio established its Internet presence by gaining over 100,000 friends, and in 2008 indie label Modern Art took notice, signed the group, and made plans to release its debut, What's Your Medium, in June of that year. Joining The Medic Droid on the tour are HYPERCRUSH, who recently brought the party at a sold-out Pike Room on tour with Millionaires and Brokencyde, and CHRONIC FUTURE, who is back on tour after a long hiatus.


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