DANIELSON at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


DANIELSON: Danielson and company make gospel parables that happen to be some of the sweetest, funkiest songs this side of the Shaggs' "My Pal Foot-Foot" or Daniel Johnston's "Speeding Motorcycle." These are campfire songs that sparkle with giddy goodness and lay claim to the purest part of self. What began as a senior thesis project over a decade ago has evolved into a musical world so rich with musicality and merrymaking that the first six albums and ten years of touring pomp alone could nourish the most scrutinizing of thrill-seekers. There's no hard distinction between the visuals (costumes and graphics) and the music from this suburban New Jersey group. "One enters your heart through your eyes, one through your ears," says Daniel. Coming soon: two whole discs of favorite tracks from the pre-Ships era-- plus some previously unheard alternate versions, live cuts, and various unreleased material-- have been collected for a new anthology entitled Trying Hartz. In addition to 28 Danielson tunes, the set features Smith's personal thoughts about each and every track in the collection, plus some additional liners from The Ice Storm novelist Rick Moody. Trying Hartz is due November 4 from Secretly Canadian - celebrate the release at the Pike Room! With CRYPTACIZE, the new band from Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof, the Curtains): Cryptacize’s music is disarmingly spare. Although both Cohen and Nedelle Torrisi sing, they tend to stay out of each other’s way, harmonizing only when necessary. Drummer Michael Carreira provides faint hints of backbeat with an array of nonstandard percussion, employing a restraint and creativity that would make Maureen Tucker nod in approval. Bass is nowhere to be found, and negative space frequently acts like a fourth member of the band. This band knows how to do a lot with a little, though, taking great pains to construct musical backdrops that perfectly match the emotions expressed in their lyrics.


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