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NEVA DINOVA: Sonically, the presence of three guitarists has allowed for rapid development of the band's trademark sound, marked by swirling countermelodies and assorted textures. It is around this musical fabric that Bellows' poetry-based lyrics are centered. Experiments in ambient sound give the songs impact, while the melody and lyrics act as tethers to reality, driving each songs direction and purpose. The result is a dreamlike, and at times haunting, quality throughout much of the album, coupled with relapses into more straightforward, story-based songwriting, as Bellows deals with the basic tenets and struggles of humanity. Bellows began composing songs for their latest, 'You May Already Be Dreaming,' two years ago, but he and the band (including Good Life drummer Roger Lewis) were fated to overcome a number of obstacles before the recording process would even begin. First, Bellows realized that he wanted to re-work a number of song ideas on his own following that arduous but exciting process, the band experienced a flood that destroyed portions of their equipment. If that wasn't enough, Bellows unfortunately found himself in a self-described 'barroom tussle' that resulted in the complete and tragic blowout of his left eardrum. Fortunately, he and his ear recovered fully, and Neva Dinova was able to resume recording. From the spacious guitar washes of "A Man and His Dream" to the sweeping, dusty strength of "Clouds", this is the band's most fluid and realized effort to date.Neva Dinova counts among its fans such artists as The Faint, Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Good Life, Rilo Kiley, Lullaby for the Working Class and many others. With MCCARTHY TRENCHING: in their own words: "McCarthy Trenching’s latest songs tend to be centered around rejections: romantic ones, religious ones, rejections of high holidays and of higher education, the rejection that happens when a driver hits “eject” on her tape player and throws the cassette out the window. McCarthy Trenching is probably a couple deep right now. McCarthy Trenching spent most of 2007 touring, with an extended opening slot on the Bright Eyes Cassadaga tour, a date here and there warming the stage with the likes of M. Ward, Victoria Williams, Jason Isbell, Mark Olson and even radio hit Peter, Bjorn & John. Then we came home for a bad Nebraska winter, spending most of our time shoveling snow and recording songs. The result is Calamity Drenching, a collection of songs about horse racing, the romance of cassette tapes (and losing that particular romance), piano practice, religious doubt, inclement weather, and Bar-B-Q. And there is an accordion solo titled after a line from Carl Sandberg’s poem “Happiness.” We think it’s a worthy follow-up to our self-titled Team Love release from last year – it captures a more concentrated period of songwriting and recording, but contrary to what “Detritus” implies, we have not quit drinking." STRANGERS AND BROTHERS opens.


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