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Since 1999, LONGWAVE has been one of New York City's leading musical exports. Atmospheric guitars, angular rhythms and tidal waves of beautiful sound are all integral parts of Longwave’s aesthetic. Formed by guitar-toting vocalist Steve Schiltz and guitarist Shannon Ferguson in Brooklyn, they released their independent debut Endsongs on Luna Sea Records in 2000. Music lovers everywhere took note of their impeccable songwriting skills and explosive live show. Major music industry players began to pay attention as Longwave toured with their friends The Strokes and the band signed a deal with RCA Records. They worked with producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev) on 2003's album The Strangest Things. This led to raving reviews and tours across all parts of the world with the likes of The Strokes, The Vines, and The Raveonettes. Longwave entered the studio again in 2004 to record There's a Fire with famed producer John Leckie (Radiohead, Pink Floyd). The band used an expanded musical palette for this album, experimenting with new sounds and techniques. Jason Molina joined them as drummer in time for another crucial touring stint. After a few months on the road, however, the band suddenly found themselves label-less and at a crossroads. "It was a pretty low period", Schiltz says. "We had to take a step back and think about what meaning the band had in our lives." Ferguson adds, "Something clicked at one rehearsal. Jason counted to 4 and we all just started playing. After a couple of minutes we knew we had something. We recorded it and tried another one by counting to four and then we got something really special." Those Fridmann-produced songs, “No Direction” and “Life Is Wrong”, form the creative nucleus of Longwave’s forthcoming album. You can hear these at www.myspace.com/longwaveofficial The band struck a deal with their publisher, Chrysalis, and decamped to their Brooklyn basement studio for 8 weeks recording the rest of the album by themselves. With producer Peter Katis on board, (The National, Interpol), the band finished recording in February 2008, mixing with him at his studio in Bridgeport, CT. The new record is guitar-heavy and dynamic. The sonic architecture is challenging and the arrangements bold proving Longwave continue to make music that is truly indispensable listening.

Plus THE SILENT YEARS: "Wandering between the fingerpicked reflections and the thundering epiphanies of their sophomore album, The Globe, The Silent Years have crafted one of this year's standout indie releases. It may seem ironic that The Globe's ruminations of the universality of all things have so clearly separated the band from the ever-expanding nebula of their peers, but it squares perfectly with their message that all things coexist—just on different scales."--artistdirect.com


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