THE HOMOSEXUALS at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


THE HOMOSEXUALS epitomize the British post-punk style of the late '70s (why didn't Rough Trade pick this up?), combining the brainy word collages and winding guitars of Scritti Politti with the manic energy and bizarre flourishes of The Pop Group. Even remastered, Astral Glamour raises shitty production to an artform, and the tinny guitars one associates with old punk records achieve effects of depth, texture and distortion that are startling. But what really distinguishes The Homosexuals from their numerous peers is the remarkable diversity of their output, which maintains its vigor and cohesive mien while exploring different methods of construction and tone: ramshackle pop, mangled dub, rock shredding, garage funk, Afrobeat, and gutter psychedelia. The Homosexuals, who evolved from a band called The Rejects, were never in the right place at the right time. But this seems unlikely, considering that The Rejects were opening The Roxy for The Damned, The Jam and Wire in the late '70s, which is pretty prime in terms of the punk zeitgeist. Perhaps their name scared away cultural dilettantes slumming for a more mannered radical idiom, but this is also improbable: The Sex Pistols didn't seem to have much trouble cementing their legacy. Perhaps The Ramones' tri-chord sing-alongs were just more memorable than The Homosexuals' adventurous, eclectic song structures (and "Gabba gabba hey" does stick in the brain a bit more than "Ivory elbows/ Deny shads edge"). Nevertheless, in our current climate of rampant historical salvaging, it seems likely that every shooting star in the fleeting firestorm that was punk will be plucked from the obscuring swarm and bronzed for posterity. With TVK (formerly TYVEK) and F'KE BLOOD, plus the KEEP ON TRASH DJs (Dave Italy and Johnny Hentch)!


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