18TH DYE and DEVON WILLIAMS at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


18TH DYE produces music that is far from the Teutonic sort of non-rock its heritage would imply. Rather, the trio warmly embraces American indie-pop stylings, framing them in the unique European context of their surroundings. Their music casts a hazy, drugged-up spell, rousing itself to chug through the one-chord wonders and noisy, near-instrumental grooves. 18th Dye achieves a sort of guitar-drenched stasis, loping through its fuzzed-out pop as if in dire need of caffeine. The effect is, in a word, magical, and the way that 18th Dye embrace some clichés (droney, one-note guitar lines) while redefining others (the dull, heavy-lidded vocal monotone here isn’t a symbol of slack, it’s simply the right accompaniment to the music) is refreshing. 18th Dye is back after a bit of a hiatus with a new album. On the new album 'Amorine Queen' 18th Dye proves their reputation from the 90's, as a well acclaimed, highly respected and international rock band. On the album 18th Dye continues their intensive work during the 90s, but mixes the hard-hitting and noisy rock sound with a more melodic approach. As a result to this development, 18TH DYE doesn’t just thrill the fans from ten years ago, but also carry away a new audience - and thats a fact that’s hard to miss at their recent concerts. 18th Dye earned great recognition in the international music press during the 90s, with their groundbreaking, catchy and consistently explosive rock music. They toured all over the US and Europe and left a name, which has inspired a vast number of bands. 18th Dye's success in the 90's also includes touring with Stereolab and Yo la Tengo, recording albums with the legendary producer Steve Albini and signed a deal with the renowned Matador Records. With DEVON WILLIAMS: Carefree, Devon Williams' debut album, has a melodic complexity that belies its immediacy, and descends from a lineage of great music. Those yearning for a return to intelligent pop music-- songs as gratifying on their 1,963th listen as they are memorable after their first-- need look no further.


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