D*R*I at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $7 (buy tickets)


Known till now for her Art in Manila membership, Adrianne Verhoeven (aka D*R*I) here drops 14 letters and any hope of losing herself in the crowd. "Smoke Rings" trades hypnotic indie-pop tracks for downright entrancing--and deeply intimate--trip-hoppy diary entries. Adrianne Verhoeven has spent her music career lending her vocal and keyboard chops to bands like The Anniversary, Art in Manila, and Fourth of July but "Dri" as Adrianne is known to her friends has spent her 20's seeing the world, falling in and out of love, getting lost in the hazy days and buzzed nights of Lawrence, Kansas and dreaming all the while of stepping out and rocking the mic on her own. Her sultry debut Smoke Rings is just that – a collection of kisses (and kiss-offs) blown to past and present loves; a swirl of stoned immediacy with feelings and melodies coming to life in loose perfection. A female musician in the mix since a she was a teenager, Dri has seen and done it all and the songs of Smoke Rings work through what mattered, what matters, what a girls wants, and what a girl needs. With a background in everything from opera to emo, from vibes to horns, Dri's record could have gone anywhere. Enlisting the talents of a few local Lawrence producers, Smoke Rings is chock full of tastefully crafted beats and soulful samples which Dri turns into treasures with contributions from rare soul/funk DJ Josh Powers, hip-hop producer Nezbeat, pro-tools stylist SayMyName, and electronic composer 1,000,000 Light Years.


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