THE MUDFACE TOUR featuring ABK at The Pike Room

doors at 7pm
tickets: $10 in advance (buy tickets)


Straight out of Detroit, MI Native American rap sensation ABK hits the road this January to promote his fourth national release Mudface. The Mudface Tour will feature performances by Anybody Killa, AMB, Detroit Warriors, and AJAX (on select dates). ABK just got off the very successful Shock Therapy Tour with label mates Blaze, AMB, and Boondox. The Shock Therapy Tour merged with Insane Clown Posses Hallowicked tour last October.

ABK, born James Lowery, was raised on the eastside of Detroit with an upbringing surrounded by his Native American culture. Being the son of a preacher, he got the advantage of always sitting up front, right next to the piano in church. It was there he began his love and passion for music. To hear the music from the piano, and the voices from the choir sending such strong messages, gave him such a feeling, that feeling gave him inspiration.

He started making music as a young child with anything he could find to make instruments. He participated in Native American schools and in POW–wow competitions. His techniques in traditional and fancy dancing gave him a rhythm to express feeling threw his music and began writing his own songs at 13 years old. By the age of 15, all the kids in the neighborhood were paying $2- $4, to watch him perform “live” in his garage. When they kept coming back for more, he took it to the streets and began starting a name for himself. In 1995 came Krazy Klan, a group formed by himself as Jaymo, and his childhood friend Lavel as J-ho. In that year they released their first album titled “Fustrationz”, then releasing their second album titled “develop MENTAL”, in 1999. During this time they were doing shows at local hot spots and underground basement parties. In the year 2000, the Krazy Klan broke up and ABK went solo, changing his name to Native Funk, and released his first solo album titled “Rain from the Sun”.

After the album, ABK was introduced to Blaze and became his partner in crime, changing his name to Anybody Killa, who we all know today as ABK! In 2001 he began touring the country with Blaze as the opening act for I.C.P and Twiztid. ABK was getting such a huge response from the crowd; Psychopathic Records signed him to their label as a solo artist.

In 2003, he released his first solo album on Psychopathic, titled “Hatchet Warrior”, followed by “Dirty History” in 2004, and “Road Fools”, ABK’s first DVD/EP in 2005. ABK featured on almost every Psychopathic album released in the time he was there. He was also a member of the Psychopathic groups Dark Lotus, and Rydas and formed a project group of himself and Blaze, known as Drive-By, and released a prelude album titled “Pony Down” in 2005. From 2001 thru 2005, ABK had traveled the country on 13 different tours. In February of 2006, it was announced that ABK parted ways with Psychopathic Records due to contract differences. ABK continued to pursue his career, releasing albums and merchandise from his own Native World label/company.

In 2007, ABK surprised Juggalos everywhere by coming back to the Main Stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Within a few months he was back in talks with his homies from Psychopathic Records, and in early 2008, the Juggalo world was rocked by the news that he had returned to Psychopathic! With his Hatchet homies at his back, ABK is preparing to keep takin that Native Funk worldwide. He continues to perform and record, and his newest release, Mudface was released nationwide on November 25, 2008.

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