Psychopathic Records BIG BALLA XMAS PARTY in the Eagle Theater

doors at 8PM, show at 8PM
tickets: $30 (buy tickets)


Y'all ready to be Balla's? It' that time a year when you start lookin ahead to the coming freshness: Big Dinners with family, celebrating history, and rollin up to some club with a crew of ninjas to hang out with your homies at the Big Balla X-Mas Party. 2008's been a bomb year, and we're bringin it home with some major flavor for this X-mas party, some straight up Monty Hall devastation. On Saturday, December 20th, the Hatchet Family will be rollin up to Eagle Theater at 15 South Saginaw Street in Pontiac, MI, for one of the dopest parties ever! For starters we got a performance by the whole Psychopathic Family.. Yup, that means ABK, Blaze, Boondox, ICP, and Twiztid, all in one set, all on one stage. Don't ask us what they'll be performing, that's your X-Mas surprise! On top of that we got performances by Zug Izland and Awesome Dre, and a full card of JCW Wrestling! Holy shit, you sure can't fit all that in a box! But then again, maybe your free gift at the door will! Every ninja who buys a ticket will get a free gift from Psychopathic. Tickets will be available on, so scoop em up and start gathering up your crew, cuz only the biggest Balla's get in to this one. We'll see you there!


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