TIM FITE and BENJY FERREE at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


TIM FITE: Fair Ain't Fair is a collection of the most seasoned, reflective and charming work Tim Fite has ever produced. On it, he explores the idea of apocalypse - the title itself is a reference to the sad reality of having to live with reaping what we sow - but also the redemptive essence of an apology. A year in the making, the sounds on the record are equally as big and ambitious as the topics it contains. Drums tracked overnight at Fite's old high school drive many of the songs. On top of the propulsive beats, Fite sprinkles his signature samples, but with a more restrained hand, and these bits of musical flotsam become more a part of the whole than a sum of disparate parts. "Big Mistake" is the perhaps the most straightforwardly catchy song Fite has ever penned, in spite of a touch of his pervasive self-effacement, and on "Trouble," Fite growls about greed and avarice, topics manifest in last year's Over The Counter Culture, but told here with more empathy, more human-ness - perhaps signs of a deeply engaged artist growing up. With BENJY FERREE: The Washington, DC singer songwriter Benjy Ferree's debut album has a DIY sound that's often stunningly pretty. In his songs, he remembers to include hooks, and has a natural ear for harmony. An unsettling darkness lurks beneath the surface of many of his songs--"Private Honeymoon" is a gorgeous love song that may or may not be sung by a stalker, the sylvan "Why Bother," with its pure, woodland sprite backing vocals, features a narrator being stalked by people wearing hoods, and the bouncy optimism of "Hollywood Sign" is undercut by a singer who may just be planning to jump off the Los Angeles landmark.


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