LIGHTS at iLounge

doors at 6:30pm
tickets: $10 in advance (buy tickets)


My name is LIGHTS. I'm a small girl who dwells in Toronto. I make music with a computer and a couple sweet synths. I also play whatever other sound makers I can get my pincers on. Making music has been my crutch/drug/vent/vice for my whole life. Most of what you hear starts, and is often finished, in my room (wherever that may be, I relocate like a hermit crab). When I write songs I think about how my music makes people feel, and I hope that when it goes into your ears you feel happy. Not sexy happy but apple pie happy. If I'm sad then the last thing I want is to be made even more sad by music. If my music could be drawn I would picture it like a comic, with simple border lines and bright colors. On first glance there is a nice composition, but upon closer inspection there is a deeper story.

When performing live, I could do everything myself if I were a squid, but I am only a hermit crab and I only have two arms. So there are two dashing musicians that join me on stage named Maurie and Adam. I am the littlest one on stage. But that only means that there is more stellar packed into each square inch. After a long time in the lab, I am finally releasing my first EP. This world is a little dark, and I am LIGHTS


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