doors at 5PM
tickets: $10 in advance


Hey metal bands! Want to open for Disturbed and Killswitch?

Headbang for the Highway and Fusion Shows present... THE BATTLE FOR MUSIC AS A WEAPON IV

Fusion Shows is proud to present, in conjuction with Headbang for the Highway, the Battle for Music as a Weapon IV, spanning four dates this March and April at four prime Michigan venues! One winner from each date will be chosen to open the 2nd stage of this year's Music as a Weapon Tour, featuring Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Suicide Silence, Bury Your Dead, Born of Osiris, and more!

DATES: The winners of these two dates will open the April 30 date of the Music as a Weapon Tour at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, MI: March 21 at Small Planet, East Lansing April 10 at Machine Shop, Flint

The winners of these two dates will open the May 2 date of the Music as a Weapon Tour at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI: March 27 at Eagle Theater at the Crofoot, Pontiac April 17 at Hayloft, Mount Clemens

HOW TO ENTER: To enter, simply email the following to Do not attach anything to the email! MICHIGAN BANDS ONLY!


You will be required to sell at least 50 $10.00 tickets to the event. If you do not believe that you can do this, do not apply, as you will not be selected as the winner. We will select the ten best bands for each semifinal, based on genre, song quality, and apparent local buzz.

Save your time if you're a screamo, punk, or other type of band. This is definitely for metal and nu-metal bands. You must sign up for this event by Monday, February 23 at 5pm to be considered. Lineups will be announced on Tuesday, February 24.

JUDGING: A representative from Headbang for the Highway and Fusion Shows staff will choose the winner based on a combination of stage presence, overall live performance, with at least 25% of the score dedicated to ticket sales. The highest scoring band from each night will perform at the Music as a Weapon Tour date listed above.

SET TIMES: There will be ten bands performing at each battle, with each band receiving a 20 minute slot. Performances will begin at 6pm, and continue until the event concludes. Bands will be asked to load out gear at the completion of their sets, to keep gear from piling up. Load-in time will be 4pm sharp, and all band members and gear must be available at that time. Go over your 20 minutes, you will be disqualified.

How We Determine Set Times: 1. The first band to return their money for their 50 sold tickets will get the first choice at the set time that they want. This will continue for all bands who sold their 50 tickets. 2. Once bands that have sold all 50 tickets get their set times, any bands who have returned money and any unsold tickets will get the choice, at 4pm check-in, with preference going to the band who sold the most tickets. 3. Any bands that lost tickets or money may or may not receive a set time, based upon overall ticketing performance.

Doors will open at 5pm for each show. Please arrive to load in at 4pm. All ticket money and any unsold tickets must be handed over to the Fusion Shows representative by 4pm. Day-of-show tickets will be available for walk-ups for $12, for anyone who did not buy a presale ticket.

CONTRACTUAL STUFF: The contract you will be asked to sign is located at this link.

You will be required to sign this contract when picking up tickets and flyers for the event. If you do not agree to the contract, do not sign up for the event!

ETHICAL STUFF: With Fusion Shows, we firmly believe that music is not a competition. So in that light, we would like to see a spirit of support for the other bands on the show. You will be judged in a positive manner if you are encouraging your crowd to check out other bands. We will be trying to create a top-notch lineup of great talent each night, so that people are excited about the entire show, and not just your band. Think of this as an audition, more than a battle. If you can keep that in mind, and pull your weight by bringing your 50+ people out.

WHAT DO WE GET OUT OF THIS?: Along with the obvious 1 in 10 chance of getting open a freaking arena show with Disturbed and Killswitch, your band will get to play in what it should be a pretty packed house at a top-notch venue with great sound. Your band will not be paid for the event, but will be able to sell merch with 100% going to your band. And there will be hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in advertising spent on this with your band's name on it!

So again, to sign up, please read the section above, and email me by Feb. 23 to let me know your interest!

Thanks! Nate Fusion Shows LLC

P.S. No, Fusion Shows is not booking the Disturbed/Killswitch dates!


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