GHOST at the Pike Room

doors at 9PM
tickets: just $12 in advance (buy tickets)


The Crofoot is honored to present a rare U.S. appearance by the band GHOST, the legendary acid folk forefathers from Japan. Since 1984, Ghost has been a staple of Japan's incredible psych-rock scene. Led by Masaki Batoh, and featuring legendary guitarist Michio Kurihara (who played with Boris on 2007's incredible Rainbow, as well as with Damon & Naomi), Ghost's sound is ever-changing. From blistering hard rock to acid folk to sparse, spacey instrumentals to banjo-centric jams, Ghost continues to amaze in both live and studio settings.In their own words: "In 1984 Ghost was formed in Tokyo. In the beginning, they played only improvisation / freeform music naturally. But when they started their first recording in 1988, their music had been changing to more constructive one. Still now on their live activities we can find they play improvisation sometimes. Their music was based on acoustic guitar usually. A lot ethnic instruments or strange instruments are added to it freely on recording. And the place they play were so unique as examples — buddist temples, churches, ruins, metro, fields, woods, caves... Such strange methods are nothing but one of their expressions. They are Ghost anytime."


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