THE PARLOR MOB at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


THE PARLOR MOB make raw rock and roll with a modern edge. It is quite fitting that the band derived its moniker from a notorious 19th century gang of the same name. Around the mid 1800s, the historical New York hoodlums were commissioned by other street gangs to incite riots. Today, these five musical renegades spark a similar explosion, but with verbose riffs, thought provoking vocals and a smooth yet raucous groove.

On their album 'And You Were A Crow,' the New Jersey quintet conjures a vibrant mystique and smoky blues sensibility. The focus track "Can't Keep No Good Boy Down" channels that enigmatic power. The song blends pensive piano playing with a powerful acoustic melody, and its infectious but veiled lyrics hypnotize. During “Hard Times,” jagged, crunchy guitar riffs give way to a chorus that hooks and soars. Guitarists Dave Rosen and Paul Ritchie volley smooth licks and snaky leads through airtight rhythms courtesy of bassist Nick Villapiano and drummer Sam Bey. At the center of it all, vocalist Mark Melicia belts out emotionally charged lines. On “Angry Young Girl” and “Everything You’re Breathing For,” his powerful pipes resonate. By uniquely honing the quintessential New York rock and roll sound with a vibe that keeps things fresh, the band stands primed to blow the doors off the whole genre.


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