BLACK ROSE at the Pike Room

doors at 7pm
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


Headline Acts:

Support Acts:

We are the newly reformed, "BlackRose!" From it's beginnings with Cher (Yes, CHER!) & Gary Bailey at the start of the 80's, this band is back again!

After Cher left the band for a duration, Gary Bailey brought the band back home to Detroit and brought in some new guns. "Beatle" Bailey returned as the bassist for the band (now, lead guitarist), as well as Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums. After a year with the band, Chad left the band and was replaced with current drummer, "The Tazmanian Devil" Lay.

After winning the Detroit Battle of the Bands for 3 straight years in 1983, 1984, & 1985 (back when there was ONLY 1 battle of the bands in Detroit)!!!

Beatle & Taz left the band to join "CrossFire!" Shortly after, Gary Bailey died. After having touring & financial success, Beatle & Taz retired to have children.

About 15 years later, after a story of epic tale occured... the bassist was given the gift of guitar knighthood! He now wields his "Battle-Axe" Electric Guitar, chopping heads off his foes!

The new lead singer of the band, is "MAC!"

They are debuting now with "Metal Church" at a concert in Michigan, on August 5!

MAC went to the same high school as Jack White (White Stripes), and was the highest decorated vocalist in the high school history. Don't let the talent fool you... the band is Rock/Metal, with hints of everything around to fill the sound.

They are now releasing the first BlackRose CD ever, "UnLeashing The BeasT! (A Rock Album)" A couple of songs re-made from thier early days in 1983, and new songs compile this CD.

The next CD is, "Mark Of The Beast! (Rock/Metal Album)" This is proposed to be released in Palm Springs, CA in February, possibly sooner.

The band has sponsors, and is fully supported by "The Detroit Renegades MotorCycle Club," nationwide!

On the next CD, "Mark Of The Beast," current Vice President of The Detroit Renegades, will be a guest vocalist.

Some people say they have a crew and gang with their group or band... This particular band just happens to be a part of the Original Biker Club in the "Murder Capital of the World"... for over 50 years... DETROIT!


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