doors at 8PM
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


The Crofoot is excited to present a unique show at Eastern Market's UFO FACTORY - an amazing and intimate performance space and gallery.

AZITA: in the words of the inimitable Rian Murphy: "She’s been a maven of new music since the good old days of Scissor Girls and Bride of No No, both of whom expanded upon post-punk idioms like the dreaded no-wave and did so with great flair and singularity of purpose. A few years back, AZITA moved out of the group scene and off of her signature ax (the bass) to spread her subversive hands over the keyboard. What this bold move brought was songs of unprecedented melodicism, delivered with a demonic glee over the top of ice-fresh pop grooves, along with several pieces of prog-classical solo piano. This was Enantiodromia (and it still is!). A year later, phase two was achieved with Life On The Fly, which dropped the solo piano workouts and added a bit of vocal and instrumental texture to another batch of sing-along brilliance. 2006 brought a new wind in the “Detail From the Mountainside” EP. Here, singing the lyrics of playwright Brian Torrey-Scott, AZITA tapped into a softer sound, a direction that she’s used to edify to pursuits of her brand-new release, How Will You? An expanded vocal palette is only one of the fresh features AZITA’s got happening this time – How Will You? also features some deep, dark rock and roll arrangements and a production sound that oozes sweat and blood. Tunes are happening as always — have you checked out “I’m Happy,” on the website? Too bad if you haven’t, it’s gone now — we moved on, I told you! Where were you? Or more importantly, How Will You? I can answer that for you – you will roll down to the record shop (or your local iTunes) and capture this fine new album from AZITA. And how!"

With WREKMEISTER HARMONIES: Composer and Chicago based sound artist J.R. Robinson has been recording sonic templates in museums in the US and Europe over the last three years.These include recordings made at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Art Center Berlin. Robinson has taken these recordings and by collaborating with musicians Ken Vandermark, David Yow(Jesus Lizard), Mark Shippy and Pat Samson (US Maple), Matt Carson, Nate McBride, Fred Lonberg-Holm, John Herndon and Jeff Parker (Tortoise), and Azita has created a unique hybrid of sound art and avant garde music.The end result, dubbed Wrekmeister Harmonies, is a collection of the museumrecordings as well as field recordings made at PS1 Contemporary Art Center andJoshua Tree National Park. Wrekmeister Harmonies will be released byAtavistic Records on April 7 2009. For this performance WH will be J.R. Robinson in collaboration with Mark Shippy.

The UFO Factory is located at 1345 Division in Detroit's Eastern Market.


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