Deep Cutz presents THE ROGUE SATELLITES and THE DIG at PHONOTROPIC in the Vernors Room

doors at 9PM, show at 9PM
tickets: $5


PHONOTROPIC is honored to welcome the monthly appearance of Detroit's grittiest and most prophetic music blog DEEP CUTZ to the Vernors Room
June's Featured Artists: THE ROGUE SATELLITES and THE DIG.
The Rogue Satellites are Detroit-based intergalactic synth-rock.
The space persons are: Scott Stone; demolition/snarls/percussion, and Jaye Thomas; verbal/programming/guitar...
EDUCATIONAL: Satellites orbit the earth, sending and receiving information. Rogue Satellites are iconoclast sound generators, specializing in pop music. They are friendly but prefer communication veiled in sardonic humor. They are like children. Satellites frequently use their sardonic wits in an attempt to improve life on this planet.
ATTENTION: This material, while satirical, overtly provocative and sometimes derogatory, is intended to challenge sensibility and sensitivity, not to injure. If you feel that you have been injured by this material, please inform the authors.
CAUTION: Content is subject to change and become more or less offensive without provocation. Someone may be offending you right now!
DANGER: Certain information has been altered or intentionally omitted from this program. Your rights to receive and share information are under attack! We urge you to retaliate peacefully.
WARNING: This message will be misunderstood, subverted, and appropriated to despicable ends never intended by the authors.
"Wickedly clever and wildly addictive collision of analog and synthetic pop music"-Metro Times
"what Brendan Benson would sound like if he re-imagined his saccharine power-pop as the soundtrack to a classic Nintendo vid, and also had a sense of humor"-Anthony Morrow, Detour Magazine
"the Superman to our Batman in this Detroit Superfriends network"-Steven Klecksington, Marco Polio and the New Vaccines
"Jaye Thomas, has been a faithful Cafe 1923 Open Mic contributor for months and months, and I'm slowly discovering why he's Juliette Lewis' favorite Natural Born Songster from our fair city... listen CLOSELY to his verbiage, he's quite the incredible wordsmith, and double-damn funny to boot...the complex rhythms that Scott can conjure up on ANYTHING that resonates is simply mind-boggling to me...when they last played upstairs at Jacoby's I could swear I was watching Buddy Rich incarnate, Scotty never seems to move HIS upper body when he plays, just like that old drum-master!"-John Gannon on Discuss Detroit

The Dig
tight and punchy
by Charlie Davis

The Dig move pretty fast. With their EP spreading across NYC like a backyard tire fire (rubbery burning smell included), it has taken them more than just good luck and games to reach their current locale. With their air-tight production and refreshingly straightforward take on the American rock idiom, The Dig have managed to seduce the eyes and ears of lower Manhattan show goers and local late-night cable T.V. stations—sometimes in the same night (I told you they were fast). Despite their proclivity for expedience, these lads have stopped and paid their tolls along the way. The Good Luck and Games EP travels seamlessly from one song to the next, without the occasional flat tire of a song or even stopping to ask for directions (it never hurts to have Lennon and McCartney as your cartographers). Give a little listen to “Marianne” or “New Love” just to remind yourself how you and your parents have managed to go completely apeshit over this crazy thing called rock n’ roll. From your one-month residencies at Piano’s to stints at the Mercury lounge, the Dig has had no problem securing gigs in this town. Are there any pre-show rituals to keep the juices flowing? David: Usually just the normal stuff. You know, sitting in a line and give each other back-to-back massages. Erick: I do Baldwin's feet from time to time. Emile: Yeah just typical typical stuff...braiding each other’s hair, pillow fights. Those are the things that really get us pumped.

Clearly these things happen when band members are close to one another. Word on the street is that you started playing music together since the tender age of 12. David Baldwin: Emile and I have been playing since 12 and Erick joined when were we around 15 or 16. . Emile: We’ve gone through some other incarnations. We used to play in a 12 piece funk band called Honey Nut Roasted. Some of our other bands have been The Greyhound, Rambling Brook Junction, Crossroads, the J. Arthur Band and the Mexican Airline Pilots. We've only been playing in this current line-up for about a year and a half.

And of course it never hurts to have attractive women as your Myspace top friends, either… David Baldwin: They're actually all of our moms. Emile: More specificly, three of them are Nick's mom from different angles. The other one is Nick's grandmother. Nick: Actually, one of them is a good friend of ours who handles merch for us. She went on the road for a three-week tour and somehow survived--she's pretty tough. Emile: She was also smart enough to follow us in her own car.

Any notable on-stage injuries? Erick: Baldwin sat in gum and walked off stage. He and had a piece of paper stuck to it and the gum stretched all the way of the stage. Emile: I got shocked really bad. I grabbed the microphone with both hands and screamed at the top of my lungs. Luckily, it was during a section in the song that called for screaming. Too bad it wasn't recorded. In terms of offstage injuries, I got hit by a car. My arm was broken and I couldn’t play bass for three months. Nick: He was picking his nose and looking at it and got hit. Emile: I don't know about picking my nose, but I guess it's possible. Eric: He does pick his nose 80% of the time. Statistically, it’s a very likely scenario.


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