JEFFREE STAR at the Pike Room

doors at 6pm
tickets: $12 in advance (buy tickets)


Easily one of MySpace's most identifiable names, Jeffree Star, 21, carries the torch as a self made celebrity. Some celebrities are manufactured by the system. Others beat the system and manufacture themselves. To the casual culture vulture peeking in on Jeffree’s MySpace page, the hundreds of thousands of “friends” may look like magic, but the reality behind this sleight of hand is sheer marketing genius and countless hours of hard work. A case in point of the tenet that sometimes in life we do get to choose our own labels, this self-proclaimed “Head of the Makeup Mafia” and “Queen Bitch Supreme Among Internet Royalty” is a bundle of cyanidelaced contradictions that comprise the vicious, pink persona of an individual who’s a pioneer in the true sense of the word. Star shed his birth name and backstory like some played-out trend, creating a new sense of personal history through pronouncements such as “I’m not a man; I’m not a woman; I’m a mannequin”—playing with notions of gender, sexual identity, and the loss/transmogrification/“gain” of the human condition in the process.

“Not everyone’s going to get me,” sighs Star. “But that’s the point. I’m not the first person to be ahead of my time—but I don’t have time for the retirement center to catch up. They can pop Geritol and recycle the tried-and-tired; it’s more important for me to continue to evolve and expand.”

As record producers and media execs scratch their heads in predictable middle-aged, middle-American, fearbased fashion, the countless hordes of teenagers jumping aboard the Jeffree Star bandwagon don’t exactly count for nothing. Be they sweaty-palmed fans or homophobic foes, their machete-sharp gaze and relentless attention confirm the same basic fact: love him or loathe him, at the end of the day this star is rising.

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