AEG Live Presents: THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7pm
tickets: $15 in advance (buy tickets)


The Airborne Toxic Event is a California based band who has been gaining steam after their first major label release of their self titled album. The roots of the band began when promising novelist Mikel Jollett’s life faced tragedy. His mom was suffering from cancer, he was diagnosed with alopecia, a disease which caused patches of his hair to fall out, and was diagnosed with vitiligo, a disease which discolored his skin. During all this he also split up with his girlfriend. After sinking into a deep depression, Jollet stopped writing books and started writing songs on his acoustic guitar. Jollet claims that after a year he had 100 songs written. One of these songs was the bands hit “Sometime Around Midnight” which is about Jollet seeing his ex-girlfriend leave a bar with another guy. The song has a lot of buzz, becoming the most requested song on some radio stations across the country. The Airborne Toxic Event’s self titled major label debut has been getting great reviews, being hailed as "The best debut CD of 2008" by The Boston Herald. The band has also been featured on VH1 as a “you oughta know” artist.


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