D12 plus POTLUCK at the Eagle Theater

doors at 8PM
tickets: Just $12 in advance (buy tickets)


D12: In the post-Motown landscape of Detroit, brothers rocking the mic are still being considered the voice of young America. Yet, instead of dreaming of blue skies and white picket fences, the unruly boys known as D12 create surreal universes of wild times and unruly rhymes. This motley crew of versatile style slayers mixes the rowdiness and absurdities of their lives into one potent cocktail. After selling four million copies worldwide of their debut 'Devil’s Night,' these motor city wild boys are on a mission to define themselves in the hectic canon of now-school hip-hop. “In D-12 World, anything can happen at any time,” Kuniva laughs. “Devil’s Night was just an introduction, now it’s time for us to really go crazy.”

With POTLUCK: Potluck is a smorgasboard of gangsta rap, reggae, beat boxing, and comedy. While the lyrics don't exactly conjure the images of Baptist women and asparagus casserole that the name would imply, Potluck proves that rappers can, occasionally, rhyme about something other than bitches and hoes. In addition to the typical rap themes found on “Stoner Bitch,” and “Smoke the Pain Away,” the album also highlights some issues such as media defining unrealistic beauty, family, poverty, and macaroni and cheese.

With openers MAGNUM OPUS, VENOMIZ, and A/V CLUB.


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