COCOROSIE with KATIE STELMANIS at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7PM
tickets: $15 (buy tickets)


COCOROSIE: the electric folk duo of Bianca and Sierra Casady bring their magic sound to the Crofoot Ballroom. In the words of the ladies themselves: " a bathroom in Paris, we found ourselves. Steamed up windows, infinite rainy days, the kettle’s constant hiss and the weary moan of a dying ambulance summoned songs from another time...

"We had split apart as sisters, abandoned one another and led completely different lives, gathering contrasting influences and tools that were unknowingly building towards the birth of CocoRosie.

"Sierra began her exploration of singing with gospel and spirituals, and continued her devotion studying as an opera singer starting in high school. She received severe beatings from fat divas in Rome, NY and Paris, and, although she attained many accolades from the world of classical opera, she felt something was missing; some thirst that opera alone could never quell...

"Bianca started writing songs at nine; bad love songs, poems, stories, to do lists... kept writing... tattoos, got lost in sociolinguistics, politics, fetishes. She began singing acapella; in the shower, on the corner, in dimly-lit squats and speakeasies. She fled to Paris on a whim. Desperate, spontaneous, from the Paris airport, Bianca calls to say, "Can I come stay a while?" Sierra asks why... We had spent our lives on separate planets, despite the fact that we shared the same child life, and this unplanned rendezvous was like a blind date arranged by the angels. So, over the next eight months, tucked away in a Parisian shoebox, listening to the rain, we made 'La Maison de Mon Rêve' and CocoRosie was born."

CocoRosie's fascination with combining things that clash continues to drive their process in both song and production. Their current creative environments range from hi-fi studios to simple field recordings (i.e. dolphin and whale sounds). Some inspirations to their hearts at the moment are Cher, Beethoven and finding true love's kiss.

The girls will continue their endless summer journey, one that has taken them to beach side studios around the world, where folk musicians from Madagascar and Reunion Island gathered to lend their hands in creating the future lives of CocoRosie.

With KATIE STELMANIS, who plays orchestral and epic music that draws comparisons to Kate Bush. Her classical choir-trained voice produces a melancholy indie genre clash that is quite unlike anything out there at the moment.


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