AMY MILLAN (of STARS) with BAHAMAS at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $12 (buy tickets)


“In terms of sheer vocal ability, AMY MILLAN’s remarkable voice steals the award – a note-perfect mezzosoprano that flutters between girlishly flirtatious and huskily lonesome melancholy.” – Now Magazine (voted Toronto's Best Female Singer)

“A mix of lovely lush pop and drunk-ass, end-of-the-night roots music .” – Pitchfork

Tom Waits has inspired countless records. King Tut’s influence, on the other hand, has generally been restricted to the Bangles. At least until now. “It’s from a Tom Waits interview that I read, where he had a couple songs that were quite old on his new record that was coming out,” Amy Millan says, explaining the title of her new album. “He said mummies were buried with honey because it never went bad. So when the archeologists pulled them up, there was all this honey that was still fine. So he said, that’s kind of how I think of the songs. That they’ve been buried for a long time, but they’re still sweet.”

Amy Millan is not, to our knowledge at least, an ancient Egyptian queen. Nor are her songs, so far as we know, edible. But on all other accounts the above bit of folklore is the story of the 12 songs that make up her solo debut, Honey From The Tombs.

Little reminders of your impossibly romantic early 20s – preserved, aged, then dug up and discovered to have lost none of their original sweetness.

Most were written before 2000 (before Millan joined a little band called Stars), then recorded over the last three years with the assistance of friends old and new (including producer Ian Blurton and the boys and girls of Crazy Strings and Broken Social Scene). And they owe as much to nights spent spinning alt. country tales in Lithuanian bingo halls to her current status as indie pop star (pun intended).



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