presents MACRAME TIGER at PHONOTROPIC in the Vernors Room

doors at 9PM, show at 9PM
tickets: $5


DJ JEFF MILO, a.k.a. Deep Cutz Charlie, Detroit's most prolific chronicle or everything auditory brings you, yet another night of auralgasmic entertainment featuring, MACRAME TIGER.

Have you grown weary of the garage-rock fallout that has spawned an army of Jack White wannabes and aging would-have, could-have, should-have beens? Indifferent to over-hyped groups whose performances pale in the light of their glowing reviews? The answer is YES! and the solution is in the form of seven barely employed young men who together are Macrame Tiger. Macrame Tiger is a band hell-bent on breaking the status quo of a divided city. This diamond in the rustbelt has refined their craft through a year of performing at art shows, impromptu parties, and off-the-radar venues like Scrummage University and Izzy's. They have come out of this with a year's worth of noise complaints, arrests, and a loyal following of brightly colored hipsters, drunks, and art kids. A DIY attitude and plenty of support from the art community has driven Macrame Tiger's live set from more than a mere rock show, performances are on a theatrical scale with larger than life backdrops, a stage littered with cartoonish space monsters, bizarre spandex costumes, live projections, confetti guns, and an open-invitation for the audience to join in the mayhem are standard fare. This is all made possible by the efforts of Detroit creatives such as the spandex-queen Angela McBride, projectionist Anthony Cholag, videographer Gavin Bates, the Lollybot Collective, and numerous other warped minds. The sounds produced by Macrame Tiger show an eclectic mix of influences, always at near deafening volume, channelling Motown soul, orchestral ebb and flow, and the dirtiest punk rock you've ever heard. This is all in support of a powerful vocal delivery, embellished by up to 10 back-up singers depending on what local musicians show up on a given night. Macrame Tiger has re-assembled what defines contemporary Detroit rock: a crushing low end ala the Dirtbombs, unconventional instrumentation ala the Silent Years, outlandish stage antics ala the Champions of Breakfast or Charlie Slick, a ruthless delivery ala Child Bite, and a the same can-do attitude that defines groups like Deastro and the Scrummage kids. Macrame Tiger is the bastard child of musical evolution: imagine a furry woodland creature with a shark fin, a horn, fangs, a wing on upside down, a puffball tall, one or more slimy tentacles, and seven sets of legs. If you have read this far (or not) you now owe it to yourself to investigate this strange sensation for yourself. Please take the time to give their CD a few spins in you car, computer, or home stereo system. If you do not possess these means, or wish to share the experience with others, visit Macrame Tiger online at


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