DO MAKE SAY THINK at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8PM
tickets: $12 (buy tickets)


DO MAKE SAY THINK formed in the mid-90s in Toronto, Canada. Founded by two pairs of musicians with backgrounds as varied as punk, jazz and industrial metal, the group has included a number of additional musicians over the years contributing to both live shows and recordings. Core members Charles Spearin (bass, keyboards, trumpet) and Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, saxophone) first played together in high school and birthed the Toronto punk band Dead Lemmings in the late 80s; both have gone on to work in sound production and engineering in Toronto. The other founding pair, Justin Small (guitar) and James Payment (drums), are seasoned downtown rock players who’ve done time in a long list of bands, among them the post-industrial rock group Malhavoc. During the summer of 1995, these players came together to score the music for a Canadian youth drama production, sequestering themselves in an empty schoolroom for rehearsals. The four basic verbs “Do”, “Make”, “Say”, “Think” adorned the walls of said classroom, and these elementary-level educational placards were adopted as a project name for the nascent group. Their music finds space- and drone-rock foundations serving as the launching pad for experimentation with jazz-inflected motifs. The group’s pop sensibility also comes out in their music. Melodic themes laid out by guitars and horns wind along a burbling brook of fat analogue synths and phased percussion, tiny subtle details are worked into the mix on every tune, pulsing with warmth and soul.


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