K-DEEZY UNPLUGGED in the Crofoot

doors at 8:30PM, show at 9PM
tickets: available at the door


Don't miss the hottest event of the summer- K-DEEZY with an 18-piece band!!!

Get there early because WJLB's FOOLISH will take the stage at 11:30PM to warm up the capacity crowd with his comedy.

Then at 12:15 K-DEEZY will take the stage with his orchestra.

The night will also feature performances by YOUNG PRINCETON and GATOR.

Courtesy of ILL-FLOW MAGAZINE, Michigan's biggest hip hop mag: IFM: Did you expect the song "In My Hood" to take of like it did?
K-DEEZY, : In the beginning no I didn't, after we recorded it we rolled around listening to it for a few weeks we couldn't deny the song. We had good feelings about it.

IFM: How did you hook up with K.I.D.D?
DEEZY: I was searching for him. I knew K.I.D.D. was from DETROIT. I liked what he did with B.G. & JUAN ended up finding him. The first song I recorded with K.I.D.D. was "BANG".

IFM: Whats the next album your working on?
DEEZY: My next album is titled "AFTER THE BAG'. Anybody that hustle knows the bag is how you eat. My first album was the bag that made the transition from my hustle to success. You had the bag success now this is whats going after the bag.

IFM: How many copies of "STUCK IN MY WAYS" did you sell?
DEEZY: Independently ourselves we sold over 20,000. But we just got a deal with Best Buy. Thats why my CDs haven't been sold in stores. We're doing a lot of switching over with the barcode and we had to make a change on the album cover. There are 151 Best Buys in Michigan alone so were looking to drop 100,000 CDs soon.

IFM: Who did your artwork on your album?
DEEZY: Shouts out to MARC KEMPF & REAL TOO REAL DESIGN DUPLICATION. Marc made it happen it was very creative.

IFM: Your name is K-DOE, where did K-DEEZY come from.
DEEZY: My fathers name was K-DOE. I'm a junior. My best friend who passed away in '99 used to call me DEEEEEEEEZY.

IFM: Your new single "K-DEEZY" is produced by TONE TONE how did that come about?
DEEZY : We've been friends for a long time. I done a lot with TONE. He started making beats & progressed, he called me up one day and said "we need to do a joint", we need to make a single on you tonight. So I went to the studio and the beat was already going, I started writing but didn't have a hook and TONE was like "say your name". I try to steer myself away from a lot of things, I beleive theres' a lot of playa haters. TONE was like "You paid your dues, you been working hard, you got the right to say your name." If anybody really stand behind DETROIT and behind you as an artist and they believe in you those are the people that won't mind saying your name with you." We started recording DEEEEEZY" that night and we had a party in the studio til about five in the morning.

IFM: What part of DETROIT are you from?
DEEZY : Born and raised on JOY rd. We crossed over exit 9 when I was four over to EVERGREEN area.

IFM: Have you toured with any national acts?
DEEZY : I just came off the "STREET DREAMS TOUR" with FAT JOE, LIL WAYNE, BABY, YOUNG JEEZY, JIM JONES, RICH BOY. I had a very good response on the road. I have a good relationship with a lot of major artist. Tomorrow I'm going to ATLANTA with YOUNG JEEZY for the "USDA" album release party.

IFM: Do you have any features on the new album?
DEEZY : I don't wanna say just yet, but I've done songs with TONE TONE, ROYCE DA 59, B.G., JIM JONES, I did a joint with RICH BOY, the whole SREET LORDZ, CHEDDER BOYZ camp, STRETCH MONEY, TRICK TRICK, ESHAM, BOSSALINI, MELONY RUTHERFORD, SWAMP DAWG and a whole lot more.

IFM: Who did some of the production on the new album?
DEEZY: K.I.D.D. of course, HELLUVA, SICK NOTES, JAY O'NEIL,TONE TONE, TRICK TRICK, ESHAM. Whan I get back from ALTANTA I'll have a few tracks from DJ TOOMP.

IFM: Who are some of your favorite artists from the "D"?
DEEZY: TONE TONE, TRICK TRICK, STRETCH MONEY, HELLUVA is buzzin, BIG HERK, LODGE BOYZ, MADE WEST, ESHAM; it's a privilege now that I came up in the game for me to say this is my friend, we done about four joints together. I'm feeling anybody making noise out there.

IFM: Are you still on DIRTY GLOVE?
DEEZY: I'm DIRTY GLOVE for life.

IFM: Whats the deal with you all?
DEEZY: We at a point where we don't wanna make any wrong moves, but at the same time it doesn't stop us from working. You talk about a strong camp each artist in our camp got three albums done. Our guns are loaded & were ready to shoot.

IFM: You sold the most records independently


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