The Revival Tour with CHUCK RAGAN (of Hot Water Music), JIM WARD (of Sparta and Sleepercar) and AUSTIN and BOB LUCAS at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8PM
tickets: $15 (buy tickets)


The folk-punk REVIVAL TOUR, featuring Hot Water Music co-frontman CHUCK RAGAN and a host of friends, returns for a second annual outing this fall.

The genre-bending tour will also feature JIM WARD (Sparta, Sleepercar) and AUSTIN LUCAS and BOB LUCAS when they visit the Crofoot Ballroom.

"As artists we go on tour together and then in the final days of the tour--after everyone is familiar with one another--you're playing songs with your tour-mates and having a blast," Ragan said in a press release. "I thought, why can't we get together, rehearse before the tour starts and perform together during the entire tour?"

"Some of our set for that night's show is chosen in advance, but everything else evolves organically onstage," he added. "It's truly one of the most special tours I've ever been a part of."

"Gold Country," Ragan's forthcoming new studio album, is due in stores Sept. 1. The set follows Ragan's debut solo effort, 2007's "Feast or Famine." Hot Water Music, which Ragan co-founded in 1993, produced seven full-length studio records before disbanding in 2006. The band reunited last year and continues to tour on a limited basis.


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