¡Viva Christmas! with EL VEZ & LOS STRAITJACKETS and the Lovely Elvettes at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7PM
tickets: $15 (buy tickets)


EL VEZ returns with his legendary Christmas show, and this time he's bringing our beloved LOS STRAITJACKETS with him!

El Vez may not be the King, but he’s undoubtedly “El Rey” of Mex-Americana. For the last eight years, he has wowed crowds worldwide with revues that combine the histories of American music and Chicano culture, putting the tequila in musical shots, the salsa in grits, and the Memphis in the Mariachis. El Vez has brought the gospel of Elvis Love and Chicano power to cities big and small, reconquering the Southwest, the original thirteen colonies and all territories in between, all the way back to the Old World. Flanked by the Lovely Elvettes- Gladystia, Priscillita, Lisa Maria and Que Linda Thompson- and the dangerously schooled Memphis Mariachis, he’s left peace, caliente love and inter-ethnic understanding in his wake.

With a sound that combines the classic strumming of 1960s surf music - reminiscent of Dick Dale's guitar work - with the element of punk, LOS STRAITJACKETS have carved a successful niche for themselves in the world of alternative rock. Comprised of Eddie Angel and Danny Amis on guitars, Pete Curry on bass, and Jimmy Lester on drums, the instrumental band has performed original as well as classic tunes, while always focusing on pop culture and fun. Their trademark Mexican wrestling masks, matching clothes, and custom-made matching guitars have made them one of the more visually exciting bands to see in live performance.Much of what has made Los Straitjackets successful has come from coincidence and a process of working together that makes the group more successful as a team than as individuals. Angel explained to John Wirt of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Advocate, "Every time we get together we come up with new songs. The whole thing has been like that, just totally organic. You can't plan that. It happens in its own way." Part of this process is the band's ability to think differently about performances, from the choreography of their live shows, to scheduling boat cruises with other bands, to inviting a group of fans to join them on tour.Los Straitjackets have continually found new ways to expand their horizons. Whether through collaborating with legendary artists such as Clearwater, Link Wray, or The Ventures, Los Straitjackets can be counted on to explore all the angles. At the same time, their sound is a constant reminder of their rock and roll roots and deep connection to pop culture. As Angel explained to Wirt, "We're just fans of pop culture, whether it's rock 'n' roll, monster movies, Mexican wrestling. It's just fun, pop culture stuff." Their musical skill, their innovations, and their pure joy in creating music are likely to carry Los Straitjackets into pop culture history.


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