BAT ON FIRE with PANGEA in the Pike Room

doors at 5pm
tickets: $10 in Adv $12 day of (buy tickets)


"Playing metal can be done in several fashions. Instead of choosing the easy way out, Bat on Fire focuses in on progression with harmonizing guitars and not-so average song structure." - Real Detroit Weekly magazine

From the recesses surrounding Metro Detroit emerges the haunting image of a BAT ON FIRE. Frantically flying a rapidly changing course toward a charred blistering death, this Bat knows no other fate than the glory of grandiose expiration. This is Detroit's "Bat On Fire" spiraling, engulfed in self destruction, toward a surface unseen through the smoke of its own flesh. Brothers Karlos and John, along with Axe-Men "Z" and "Tree", have composed heart wrenching tragedies following the lives of Emerging Pirates, Hallucinogenic Artists, and Mythological Greek Warriors to the beat of pulsating pop-prog metal. All of Bat On Fire's albums begin as short stories conceived from the bands founding members Karlos and John, and are then scored and accompanied by conventional metal soundtracks.

"Kinda has a Mastodon vibe to it...not as dirty. Nothing really like this in [Detroit] right now." - Jay Hudson (88.7FM DJ)

With special guests PANGEA


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