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CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE is the musical alias of 28 year old American film school drop-out Owen Ashworth. Ashworth began making music in 1997 after he realized that song-making was a far more cost-effective means of storytelling than film-making.

The first three Casiotone for the Painfully Alone albums were made using only battery operated keyboards and electronics recorded to 4-track cassette. With 1999‘s Answering Machine Music, 2001‘s Pocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars (now collected onto one CD), and 2003‘s Twinkle Echo, Ashworth defined a hybrid strain of raw, emotional, and very homemade synth pop that was instantly recognizable as his own. Claustrophobic two-minute character studies shuddered with reverbed beats, blown-out chords, and simple but infectous melodies, all layered beneath Ashworth‘s sometimes funny but always heartbreaking lyrics.

Believing he had taken his self-imposed set of limitations to their logical conclusion, Ashworth expanded his sound with 2006‘s Etiquette. Etiquette removes the focus from a decidedly utilitarlian aesthetic to a broader production spectrum that finally gives Ashworth‘s personal, affecting song writing the space it deserves. In collaboration with producers and musicians like Jherek Biscoff (of The Dead Science and Degenerate Art Ensemble) and Jason Quever (The Papercuts and Pan American Recording Studio), the sound of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone has grown to include pianos, organs, strings, flutes, drums, and pedal steel guitars in addition to Ashworth‘s signature electronics and drum machines.

With SILVERGHOST: "Sometime during March of 2008 the audio signal of a UFO craft named Silverghost was recorded in Detroit, Michigan. Inspiration and curiosity were blooming throughout the city soon after initial contact. The new discovery gave the human race hope that we are not so lost or unimportant. The years of bad blood between foes and strangers lightened as sounds from New Detroit filled the streets. The information spread rapidly as Italy Records released 2 clips from the UFO recording sessions. Chicago, New York and Los Angeles also picked up frequencies of these strange emoting waves The Silverghost crew soon became obsessed with life on earth and released another free wave signal they called, 'The Equine Lips.' This showcased their understanding of human life as it touched on subjects such as the effects of television, loss and gain of love, shape shifters and mythical animals. Earth scientists decoded all the retrieved wave formats and concluded that they closely resembled distorted guitars and analog synthesizers. The beginnings of this species could now be understood for every man, woman and child who choose to experience it. From a far land of crystal mountains, boiling rivers and binary star solar system, we come."


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