SCOTT LUCAS (of LOCAL H) AND THE MARRIED MEN and more at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


For anyone remotely in-the-know of Chicago’s music scene, Local H is a band name that surely rolls off your tongue. But during that rock duo’s downtime, frontman SCOTT LUCAS doesn’t exactly kick his feet up. Most recently, Lucas has crafted yet another new project: SCOTT LUCAS AND THE MARRIED MEN. In his newest musical outfit, Lucas proves himself a rock and roll chameleon, shedding his tough Local H exterior and evoking a tamer sound and stage persona. The sextet, which has just wrapped up work on its forthcoming debut, George Lassos the Moon, set the stage for the Disciplines. Their lineup alone (violin, accordion, guitars, drums) proved not only would they sound nothing like Local H, but chances are they wouldn’t sound much like most contemporary indie bands.

The majority of the band's set consisted of subtle gems, like “What Fools Allow,” a tender and honest reflection of love-lost, complimented by a woeful violin part. But Lucas showed he hasn’t quite lost his hard-rock edge, as proven in the full-band breakdown of "Extra Special Bitter," or in “Stolen Umbrellas,” as he croons, “I’ll take this communion ‘til things turn black / A glass of Robitussin with a whiskey back / And still I can't make the world disappear.” The band dedicated its set to nonstop music, offering little between-song banter, as they pumped out 'George' tracks, including "Weatherman", and a pleasantly surprising closing cover of David Bowie's "Absolute Beginners."

It was refreshing to witness a Chicago rock staple take the bold step out of the alt-rock confines and into an artistically progressive musical genre, free of the distortion pedal. It’s always interesting when artists reach into another realm in their side-projects, but balancing alt-rock, electronica, and art-rock? That’s just plain intriguing.


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