KILLOLA with SICK OF SARAH at the Vernors Room

doors at 6:30pm
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


SoCal-based garage-pop quartet KILLOLA garner attention not only for their work ethic (4 self-produced releases, and tours on multiple continents) but also for their Sparks-meets-The Stooges blend of pop-conscious garage rock. Having self-released physical editions of their debut 'Louder, Louder!' and the combination CD/DVD Live in Hollywood, the band has also given away a free download of their UK tour DVD and their sophomore album, 'I Am The Messer', which has received over 100,000 downloads through a free-download viral partnership with Skullcandy, one of the largest manufacturers of headphones and audio products. URB, Rhapsody,, Pollstar, as well as UK publications Classic Rock Magazine and ArtRocker recognize Killola’s persistence and great music, leaving Alternative Press to comment, "For a band who operate out of their garage in Los Angeles, Killola have accomplished more than entire ZIP code’s worth of garage bands."

"Let's Get Associated" is the band's fourth self-released collective of music. The video for the album's first single "Cracks In The Armor," "looks like the Muppets, underwater on mescaline," and is available for purchase on iTunes. The sleazy crossover track “I Wanna See Your D*ck,” features trash-mouthed rapper Shunda K of Yo! Majesty.

"Touring seems like a sweaty blur of loud, dark nights with a million friends. So every time we get back to LA, we make plans to do it again because the blurred tour recollection is like a seductress," says vocalist Lisa Rieffel. "We just keep going back to her."

The live Killola show is quite seductive itself: non-ending smashy rock-riffs peppered with skin and pop melody. Killola is no stranger to technology and is 100 percent web-pervasive. In 2006, the band was one of the first acts to release an album via USB flash drive via tech-company Aderra. Killola is teaming up again with Aderra (, who will provide tour services for Killola including a physical and online merchandise booth at select shows. “We are psyched to be headed out on the road with Killola, the first act we ever recorded live,” says Ed Donnelly, President of Aderra. He says, "They played a pivotal role in developing our instant concert recording system. Unlike other tech companies that are trapped in cyber space, our technology takes us right to the front row side by side with the fans." Aderra provides cutting edge technology for touring artists, recording and delivering live shows to fans as they leave the club or directly to their mobile phone. Donnelly continues, "In addition, we have a range of digital services including providing iPhone apps, web widgets, sponsored downloads and online distribution of both music and merchandise."

Killola recently wrote the music for an upcoming feature-film musical entitled "Girltrash: All Night Long". With an all-night theme in the vein of films such as 'Go', 'Superbad' and 'Dazed and Confused', 'Girltrash: All Night Long' was written by Angela Robinson, producer/writer of The L Word (Showtime) and Hung (HBO). 'Girltrash: All Night Long' tells the story of five girls and one epic night and is based on the wildly popular Showtime web-series 'Girltrash!'. Killola vocalist Lisa Rieffel leads the cast on screen, acting alongside Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), Michelle Lombardo (Entourage, Quarterlife), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Rose Rollins (The L Word), Kate French (One Tree Hill) and Clementine Ford (The L Word). Both Lisa Rieffel (Killola vocalist) and Johnny Dunn (Killola bassist) are co-producers on the film.

Killola is Lisa Rieffel (vocals), Johnny Dunn (bass), Mike Ball (guitar) and Dan Grody (drums).


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