Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Q: Where can I buy tickets? A:,, here at the Crofoot during business hours (9AM-5 PM Mon-Friday or anytime we have an event, call 248-858-9333 ext.5 if you can’t locate a ticket representative).

2. Q: How do I know if there are tickets available? A: Generally there are tickets available at the door; if a show is sold out our website will be marked accordingly. If a show is sold out, there are not tickets available.

3. Q: Can I buy tickets at the venue? Yes! Ask any bartender or Crofoot employee. We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard.

4. Q: Are there seats at the Crofoot? A: We are a general admission venue, without traditional theater seating. Most of the audience stands for shows. Oftentimes we will have some seating available, but the seating options change with each unique event. All seating is first come first serve. If you have a special need please let us know, and we will arrange seating.

5. Q: What time does the show actually start? A: As a general rule opening bands will play 30-45 minute sets starting one hour after doors open (I.E. If doors open at 8pm, the first at band will probably go on at 9pm), however there are no hard fast rules and each show is different.

6. Q: I purchased “will call” tickets on, when and where do I pick up my tickets? A: Will call customers are listed on our will call lists at the appropriate venue entrance, and are available when doors open the day of the show. WILL CALL TICKETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE BEFORE DOORS OPEN FOR THE EVENT.

7. Q: I have never been to the Crofoot, how is parking? A: Across the street from the Crofoot is a huge privately owned parking lot. Their price for parking will range from $5-$20. Metered parking is available on the street for $1 an hour.

8. Q: Which door do I use? A: Watch for signs, the Crofoot has 5 different entry points, each for a different room. Traditionally, the entrance for shows in the Crofoot Ballroom is located East of Saginaw on PIKE STREET (the doors are painted red!) and the entrance for shows scheduled in the Pike Room is located on Saginaw Street south of Pike (which will be marked with a sign).

9. Q: How old do you have to be to get into the Crofoot? A: 99% of our shows are all ages, meaning anyone can attend. However, you must be 21 to drink alcohol. A handful of shows during the year are 18+ or 21+ and those shows will be clearly marked on our calendar.

10. Q; Can accompanied minors attend age-restricted shows? A: Yes, if accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.

11. Q: Can I get food at the Crofoot? A: Our restaurant is not yet open, but there are several great food options in the neighborhood.

12. Q: Is smoking allowed at the Crofoot? A: Smoking is not allowed.

13. Q: Can I bring a camera to the Crofoot? A: The Crofoot does not mind any unobtrusive photography. However there may be a prohibition on cameras and video from bands. If this is the case, it will be clearly posted at that show.

14. Q: How can I be notified of upcoming events? A: Sign up for our mailing list. You'll be notified of upcoming show announcements, on-sale and presale dates and times. Plus, you'll also be eligible for exclusive contests available only to our mailing list members.

15. Q: How can I get my band to play at the Crofoot? A: CLICK HERE

16. Q: Do you offer wheelchair or special needs access? A: Yes, if possible please call us, and we will make arrangements for you. Phone: 248.858.9333

17. Q: Where is the Crofoot? How do I get there? A: The Crofoot is located on the South East corner of Pike and Saginaw Streets in the heart of downtown Pontiac. The venue is one block North of the Phoenix Amphitheater, 6 Blocks South of M-59 (Huron Street) and located in the center of the Wide Track Loop (Woodward Loop). The Crofoot is directly across the street from a large secure parking lot, and on the same block as Tiki Bob's Cantina, Tonic, and The Eagle Theater (formerly Industry Nightclub).

17. Q: What is the difference between The Crofoot Ballroom, The Pike Room, The Eagle Theater, The Vernors Room, and The Crofoot Cafe? A: The Crofoot is a multi-room entertainment complex. This versatile space can be configured to accommodate a gathering ranging from 2000 guests all the way down to an intimate gathering of a dozen friends. At times each room hosts different events, at other times all the rooms are open and guests are free to wander.

18. Q: Is it safe for my teenager to attend a concert at the Crofoot? A: Although we do serve alcohol at most of our events, WE NEVER SERVE TO MINORS. Our highly trained security staff takes pride in making sure that all of our patrons are safe and enjoying a great night both inside our building and on their way in and out. The parking lot across the street is well lit and within sight of the venue. Please feel free to call with any questions or come tour the venue and meet our staff in person!

19. Q: Can I have my wedding/birthday party/special event in the Crofoot? A: Of course! We love hosting parties, weddings, banquets, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and corporate receptions or meetings,and spicing them up with our world class sound/light/video production. We even provide home-made in-house catering. Call for more info