sponsorship opportunities

The Crofoot offers sponsors an opportunity to reach a wide audience in an intimate and friendly setting. Our focus is to provide an exceptional performance space for both established musicians as well as trendsetting newcomers. We provide a cutting edge environment via our state of the art sound, light, and video system, yet the room retains its historical substance due to the presence of many of the original architectural elements.

At every turn our goal is to enhance our customer's experience, and we hope to forge partnerships with sponsors that will be relevant and meaningful to the audience and the public at large.

Please consider the following characteristics of our core customer base:
- Highly sought after niche audience of 18-30 year olds
- Early technology adapters
- Trendsetters
- Multicultural roots
- Well connected to peers
- Highly aware of the proliferation of media messages

The Crofoot offers a variety of traditional assets to sponsors, such as signage, mailing lists, event naming rights, retail/sampling opportunities, inclusion in radio ads, and logos included in flyers or advertisements.

We also offer a variety of innovative assets. Strategically placed plasma televisions can broadcast still images or moving video throughout the venue. Banner advertisements can be tastefully placed on our website. Large walls can be used for hanging signs, huge banners, or projected images.

Our interactive and stimulating environment provides a wonderful opportunity for direct contact with a niche that is increasingly harder to reach through traditional media.

Interested Sponsors can contact us at:
Phone: 248.858.9333